100 Days

With Andy D

Napoleon’s 100 Days tells the story of Little Boney’s Second Coming, accompanied by a Mancunian friend, and a dog called Fido. Napoleon once famously stated ‘I am the Revolution’. And he was. Once. However, in 1814 he gets banished to the little island of Elba by the European powers. Perhaps not surprisingly, in spite of his having a pack of hard-kicking mules, he becomes bored there in one big hurry. So he escapes. With a force of just over 1000 men!

Along the Route Napoleon he is advised by his Mancunian friend, whose advice is usually ignored. This means that he will be going to war, again, against all of his many European foes. The Duke of Beef (Wellington) included. It’s up at Waterloo that Fido also bites off more than he can chew. Not for nothing was Little Boney known as the Nightmare of Europe. And nightmares do recur.

Performer – Andy Dickinson

Sound Design – Dominic Brennan

Co-Direction – Emily Ingram

Technician – Gabriel Donghi

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